Additional Inscriptions

Additional inscriptions – adding another name and date of death to an existing headstone. Clients are advised to follow the layout of the existing headstone i.e. is there a term of endearment (e.g. a dear husband) or is a surname/maiden name required? How is the date of death recorded i.e.1930 – 2009 or died 20th December 2009 and is there an age recorded. We can inspect the headstone and return to you a photo for your convenience.

Please state the grave number if you have it or a date of death of somebody interred in the plot in the column provided. We can also advise you if needed. Work takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks however we can make exceptions. Lettering would be the same type and font as the existing lettering.

We can inscribe verses written by the family or you may choose one from a book of verses in our catalogue


As cemeteries have different rules, we would appreciate if you would call us on 01 496 1987 or submit your query via our contact form to help us provide you with an accurate estimate.

  • Additional inscriptions on existing headstones from €2 per letter.
  • New headstones from €399 (including full inscriptions)
  • Renovations from €75
  • Restorations from €45
  • Marble hearts from €120
  • Statues from €95

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